About Us

About Company 

Yasmo Company shines as one of the pioneers in providing consulting services, drafting contracts, litigation and legal mediations, as it combines professionalism and excellence to provide services that exceed customer expectations.


Yasmo Company is licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Justice. The company is distinguished by a team of expert lawyers and consultants who have extensive experience in their fields.

  • Effective Solutions
  • Specialized Experience
  • Confidentiality And Security
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Respect The Time

Company Vision

Our Vision

Spreading human rights awareness in society, providing legal advice, and delivering rights to their owners in accordance with appropriate legal procedures.


At Yasmo, we seek to achieve new levels of sustainability and excellence in the fields of law, legal, security and administrative consulting, by providing an effective solution to our clients’ challenges and contributing to building a more just and secure legal society.


At Yasmu Company, we aspire to be pioneers in the field of law, legal, security and administrative consulting, as we strive to achieve a positive impact on the business and legal community. Our company is committed to the following vision:

Company Mission 

Our Mission

We work around the clock to take adequate measures to prevent disputes from occurring through careful drafting of contracts and resolving disputes after they occur through experienced lawyers in an effort to satisfy our clients.


We put our experience in providing legal representation services before the courts to defend our clients’ interests with high efficiency and uphold their rights. We provide integrated security management solutions, from risk assessment to implementing protection strategies to enhance the security and safety of our clients.


We are committed to providing specialized legal advice covering a wide range of fields, which helps our clients understand the deliberations of the law and make informed decisions. We analyze our clients’ administrative processes and provide consultations to improve efficiency and achieve integration between departments to enhance corporate performance.

Expert team

Company Team

Yasmu Company provides legal representation for the business and needs of companies, institutions and individuals, represented by an active team of lawyers who have more than five years of scientific and practical experience in the markets and twenty-five years in the field with the ability to communicate effectively in English that enables them to achieve the best results and services. Our customers are our priority.

Who trusts us?

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