What can we do?

The Services We Provide


Submitting legal claims and pleadings before the court to defend clients’ rights and achieve justice.


Resolving disputes externally through experienced arbitration to provide an effective solution outside of court

Reconciliation and settlements

Providing mediation and settlements to resolve disputes peacefully without resorting to court

Debt collection

Collecting debts through legal means to secure customers’ rights to recover the amounts owed.


Preparing and documenting legal documents such as establishing agencies, real estate releases, etc.

Preparing and reviewing contracts

Drafting and reviewing legal contracts to ensure that clients' interests are protected in transactions and contracting.

Liquidation of companies

Procedures for liquidation and termination of corporate activity and settlement of related financial issues.

Division and liquidation of estates

Managing inheritance and property division processes fairly and legally.

Criminal cases

Providing defense in criminal cases or representing the public prosecutor in court.

Commercial issues

Handling disputes and issues related to commercial and corporate relationships.

Approving and regulating work regulations

Assisting companies in preparing and organizing labor regulations and complying with labor laws.

Real estate issues

Resolving disputes related to real estate matters and real estate ownership.

Labor issues

Providing legal support to resolve issues related to work and labor relations.

Administrative issues

Dealing with disputes and issues involving administrative and governmental bodies.

Establishment and registration of companies

Procedures for establishing and registering companies with the Ministry of Commerce and other authorities.

Legal advice

Providing legal advice through professionals to individuals and companies

Providing legal support to resolve issues related to work and labor relations.

Security consulting

Evaluate and improve safety and security, with an emphasis on risk analysis

Management consulting

Provides advice on aspects of organization and operations for companies and projects

Intellectual property

Registering trademarks and patents and maintaining intellectual property rights.

Step By Step

How Do We Work?


Service Request

At this stage, the visitor or customer chooses the service he wants to work on and sends it to us


Studying and Preparing

We receive your request and employ a specialized employee to complete the service.



This stage consists of working on your case in the best way possible through successful strategies


Launch Your Case

At this stage, we work on your case until it is successful and delivered to you as completely as possible

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